Guerlain, Eau de Cologne du 68

Cologne du 68 does not deserve to be relegated to the ‘afterthought’ territory where most colognes reside (in my mind, at least). Considering its massive list of notes (68!), it smells simple, plush, and elegant; not at all the Frankenstein monster I had mentally prepared myself for.

It opens, like many traditional colognes,  with a bracing blast of citrus, but this phase disappears so quickly that I had to douse myself again to catch it. Almost immediately, du 68 segues into a masterful étude on tenderness that brings to mind the soft-focus paintings of  Mary Cassat. So smoothly blended, like the greenery in Cassat’s painting, I cannot tell where one note ends and another begins. It is simply, perfectly, beautiful.

Cologne du 68 is also astonishingly affordable: for some inexplicable reason, it’s at all the discounters (you know the usual suspects) for well under $100. Full-bottle worthy!


12 thoughts on “Guerlain, Eau de Cologne du 68

  1. It’s funny, I recently resolved to test this after being initially put off by the idea that it’s quite spicy (a facet I’m not good with outside of food). A long-lasting cologne however is a very good thing and now it’s reasonably priced there’s even more reeason to give it a try the next chance I get. Thanks for the added incentive with this great review, dee!

  2. Hmmm … I’m still keen on getting hold of some of Chanel’s Eau de Cologne, ever since you sent me a sample, dee. The Guerlain would be more affordable, clearly. But the Chanel is very, very good. Now I have a dilemma …

    1. Oh, I like this one about a thousand times better! But the Chanel reads very much like a classic cologne, whereas this one is much… Rounder? Plusher? It’s not so linear– sample it before you buy the Chanel, for sure! 🙂


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