Simple gifts: frangipani soap

While on holiday after New Year I wandered into a gift shop in a country town and bought several large bars of soap.

I didn’t think too much about it until later, when I realised that one of them had cast a delicious scent firstly in our car, and later in my suitcase. Back home, I lost no time in phoning the shop to order more. The name of the scent was not impressed on the bar, but after a process of elimination the shop-owner cried: ‘Oh! It must be the frangipani! Everyone asks me about that one.’

The soap does indeed have a luscious creamy fragrance, sharpened by citrus. Frangipani. Of course. The soap scents the clothes in my dresser, and leaves the bathroom smell gorgeous. In use, it keeps its shape without going soggy.

Okay, so I’m not going to chase every frangipani soap or fragrance that was every conjured up in the mind of man or woman. I’m just going to stick to this one because it is lovely, simple and cheap. Great soap makes me feel pampered and safe, and there are plenty of times when I don’t ask for much more than that.

When I notice people say that such-and-such a perfume reminds them of the most luxurious guest soap possible, my frangipani soap would be exactly like that, I think.

Elena has a wonderful post on soapy fragrances on Perfume Shrine. Do you like them? Are they worth the money? Or do you just stick to – soap?


16 thoughts on “Simple gifts: frangipani soap

  1. I think frangipani would be lovely in a soap. Nice to hear the one you’ve found and like so much is cheap too!

    As for soapy notes in perfume I’m not a fan but my mother is. She loved Chanel No. 22 when we tried it because it was soapy but it was a total deal-breaker for me. I wonder whether, if you have an issue with fizzy aldehydes you’ll have an issue with soapy notes? I’m not a fan of either.

    1. Thanks. Interesting you should mention Chanel 22. I can’t stand it. I find it too over the top soapy and aldehyldic. White Linen, also renown for both soap and aldehydes, is quite okay for me.

  2. I have recently rediscovered the awesomeness of soap after being a shower gel person for many years. I got a LUSH soap for Christmas and I’m hoping to try those Austin Natural Soaps that Dee reviewed sometime soon. I also do like soapy notes in perfume – No. 22 is one of my faves along with many other aldehydic fragrances. I also have this Yankee Candle called “bath bubbles” that basically smells like bar soap, but I kind of love it.

    1. So what is the difference between soap and shower gel – in terms of how it makes you feel? Has it got something to do with a ‘creamy-waxy-fatty’ sensation?

      There is a LUSH shop near me but I don’t go there much. I’m actually a bit put off by the smell of the place (ironic I know). It is so overhwelming. I can never really try their perfumes successfully because I can’t smell anything except the general ‘LUSHness’ of the atmosphere!

      1. OMG, the Lush store completely nauseates me! Too much, too much!
        I like several of their products, including some of their soaps, but the store is very overwhelming— I think maybe just because of the pitch of the scents?

        1. The pitch of the scents, yes. And the lollipop colours used in the soaps and things. In my local mall you can smell LUSH from six shops in either direction. I actually do feel sorry for people with scent and chemical intolerances, in this instance.

  3. “Soapy” in my perfume vocabulary is under “unpleasant categories”.

    In actual soaps I enjoy nice scents from time to time but in general I prefer not to add any unnecessary scented elements, my perfumes are more than enough for me.

    1. Yeah, I used not to be a fan of soapiness in fragrances too. Why pay top dollar when Dove will sell it to you for just a few bucks? I used to think. But somehow my taste is changing, and it may be no co-incidence that I am rediscovering some classic Lauders that I had forgotten about. That said, Chanel No 22 is a bridge too far.

      But plain unscented soap is good. I always have some on hand.

  4. I love soap, and I’m finally coming back around to using it since finding the Austin Natural stuff— quality and affordability! Fragrant soap is a real pleasure; I feel like it shouldn’t be that much different from shower gel, but for whatever reason, it feels like a very different bathing experience when I use bar soap with my loofah, instead of the gel. A good soap is a true treasure, and I’m glad you found some!

    I can’t envision what frangipani smells like in my head at the moment— must pull out the OJ scent 😉

      1. It is a wonderfully dangerous path to tread… I’m going to treat myself to one bottle per year! Next year I think I’ll get a bottle of Champaca to follow up my Orris Noir… Unless my Woman travel spray has run out 🙂


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