Not a review of Sonoma Scent Studio’s Nostalgie

I have just been diagnosed with anemia caused by iron deficiency. A common problem especially among women, it is nothing that iron supplements and more red meat in my diet won’t fix.

Still, I spent a day wearing a portable device that monitored my heart rate for 24 hours. Faster heart rate can be one of the symptoms of anemia because the heart works harder to get oxygen around the body. The monitor is cumbersome I was glad to be rid of it, although I have increased respect now for people with chronic illnesses who spend half their lives hooked up to machines.

Even free of the monitor I was still feeling low and in need of comfort and that, as I’m sure we all know, is a dangerous state for the perfume enthusiast. I was wearing my 2 ml sample Sonoma Scent Studio’s Nostalgie and it would have been so easy to click my way into ownership of a full bottle. (I resisted, and bought a pot plant instead.)

There have been a number of superb reviews of Nostalgie: have a look here for links to them, including Dee’s review for BOTO. I was struck in particular by Elena’s remark on Perfume Shrine that Nostalgie’s rose-jasmine-mimosa accord links it with a number of classics, including Estée Lauder’s Beautiful.

I had noticed that resemblance too, Beautiful having been on my mind recently. But possessed as I am of a lifetime supply of Beautiful, do I need a full bottle of Nostalgie? Well you know, perhaps I do.

Beautiful is like a sunshiny clean morning that promises a glorious, bright afternoon. In Nostalgie that afternoon is dimming. The sun has hardly slipped in the sky and yet as you glance away from the laughter of your friends you realise that suddenly the shadows are longer and the light has deepened to gold. Where I live this time is short-lived, as even in the summer the evenings are often cool.

I love this touch of sweet melancholy before evening draws in, and that is why I need both perfumes, both the bright morning of Beautiful, and late afternoon glow of Nostalgie.

Beautiful was released in 1985, 27 years earlier than Nostalgie, but Nostalgie feels much more retro. Beautiful seems like a last hurrah, a cleaned up version of the complex, mossy, womanly fragrances of an earlier era. Fragrances of that earlier era are now looked upon by some of us with – well – nostalgia.

Nostalgie is beautifully composed out of the finest quality materials. There is no need to whine about poverty of vision or materials in modern perfumery when someone is producing something as fine as this. As Dee says in her review for BOTO, Nostalgie is:

a modern woman with an old-fashioned taste for masterfully artisan-crafted things.

28 thoughts on “Not a review of Sonoma Scent Studio’s Nostalgie

  1. I so know that feeling of being tempted to buy perfume as a antidote to feeling low. A very dangerous time! Well done for being strong and going for the pot plant option instead.

    So you don’t get that “creaminess” with Nostalgie that we both sometimes get with SSS then?

    1. Oh. Never thought of that. We just call them pot plants here. Linguistic variations eh? 🙂 It’s a maiden hair fern.

  2. Maybe the pot plant was medicinal, to accompany the iron supplements and red meat.

    I haven’t tried Nostalgie yet, but Laurie Erickson is one of my all-time favorite perfumers, so I’m sure I’d enjoy it.

  3. I can’t wait to smell this! Trying Laurie’s three most recent frags is part of my February sampling, so hopefully Canada Post doesn’t take too long.

    Have you heard about her new project? Laurie and Mandy Aftel are participating in one of Nathan Branch’s Letter to a Fellow Perfumer series, and Laurie’s chosen to work with hemlock. I am REALLY looking forward to the results.

  4. I wore one of those heart monitoring devices for 24 hours just before Christmas – the hospital told me to go out and “have an ordinary day”. How is that possible just before Christmas?, I asked, but I did my best – no supermarket trolley dashes, anyway. All the best with fixing your iron problem with vits and steak!

    I am really curious about this scent now, having read a number of good reviews. And between yours and Mals86’s reviews, it is time I had another sniff of Beautiful!

    1. Thanks Vanessa. Mal’s review of B. is brilliant.

      No-one, man, woman or child should be asked to wear a heart monitor before Christmas. It is outrageous! Anyway, I like steak, so having to eat more red meat is more financial than a culinary hardship.

  5. Thanks, Anne-Marie! I’m glad you liked it. I really need to get a sample of Beautiful (I’ve not smelled it except in a magazine strip and those aren’t very accurate). Thanks, Ellen; I’m a fan of your scents too so the feeling is mutual. 🙂 Hope you’re feeling better soon Anne-Marie!

      1. Adding: yes they are different. I probably created an impression that they are more alike than they really are. It is just that with perfumes that have noticeable things in common I alway ask myself some hard questions about whether I need them all. For intance, I have both Chanel No 19 and Chamade in many different forms, so do I need Heure Exquise? So far, no. I have not replaced my HE samples. Maybe one day.

        1. Oh, I do that too. (And that was exactly my response to the question of whether I needed Heure Exquise, as well. I have 19, I have Chamade. I have Silences. Therefore, Nope.)

          The question that is killing me at the moment is, “I have Miriam. Do I need more than a purse spray of Nostalgie?”

          1. I have been asking myself whether I will get Miriam or Nostalgie. I have a purse spray of Miriam. I also have Miss Dior, which for me goes into the same camp as both of these. I suspect I will get a purse spray of Nostalgie, but Laurie’s bottles are so reasonable I may just get a small bottle. Whoa! Did you see that slippery slope? 🙂

          2. Oh I’m on that slope too. I love SSS bottles, and not only that, this fragrance really is a thing of beauty. And (says a voice in my head) that Mysore sandalwood! Okamoss! How often do you see those these days? It is WORTH HAVING a small bottle of Nostalgie because it is almost unique. But the other voice says: get a purse spray, and if you empty that, THEN you can have a bottle …

            I had not thought of the MD connection. I will investigate that right now.

          3. I know what you mean! It’s hard to resist owning something that’s just so nicely constructed. And since this is the first SSS that has worked for you …

            I’ll shut up now.

          4. I find Nostalgie more wearable in a day to day sense, I think. I have sample of M. that Natalie very generously sent me. I like it, but I feel I need to be all frocked and gloved to wear it. But I wore Nostalgie to work today it was fine. (I don’t wear gloves at work you see. Only for gardening. 🙂 )

  6. A fellow anemic signing in here. It is a bummer, isn’t it? For what it’s worth, I’ve only ever found that red meat does the trick.

    But, how great that the usual SSS base isn’t present or isn’t bothersome to you in Nostalgie! (Or maybe not great, if you are trying to resist purchasing.)

    1. That’s interesting about the red meat. Somehow the got the impression that the doctor thought that iron supplements would be the fix, but of course that can’t be right. You can’t keep taking them forever, surely. I go back in a month , so we’ll see how things progress.

      1. Yes, for me the supplements just weren’t absorbing. I had to break my normal vegetarian diet (I took supplements for over a year to no effect). So, good luck!


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