Beauty on The Outside is growing…

I started seeing comments from Dionne over at Now Smell This (where, to my embarrassment,  I have been much less active in the comments since my move to Texas) which, despite the relative “newness” of her voice to that long-running conversation, most certainly did not carry the tone of a newborn perfumista. Insightful, honest, intelligent, and bearing a thoughtful gravitar to boot, I categorized her in my brain as “new to me, but not new.”

When she began commenting here at BoTO, I quickly noticed a trend: I wanted to read each of her comments over and over again— not because they massaged my ego with praise (Though I’d read that kind over-and-over too!) but because of the engaging and intimate quality the perfumed stories in her life. After reading one particularly moving comment, I realized that I wanted to hear more; had to hear more.

It took me a few days to work up the courage (I hardly *know* her!) but when you know, you know. I sent a bizarre and awkward email— my specialty— which led to a series of emails, which led to:

Dionne, a happily married mother of five hailing from the Canadian Rockies (and self-titled Frugal Perfumista), agreeing to join Anne-Marie and me on the Beauty on The Outside team!

Dionne is familiar to some of you, and new to others. But I think that you’ll agree, she’s right at home at Beauty on The Outside. Tomorrow her first post will be up; I know you are going to enjoy it!

Welcome, Dionne!

21 thoughts on “Beauty on The Outside is growing…

    1. “Waves back”

      I bookmarked your post on ouds, Sir-O-Sir, it was such an excellent reference. I’ve slowly been in the process of de-lurking to work on my stalker tendencies, but haven’t “outed” myself on your blog yet. Really must rectify that.

  1. Well, *I* didn’t find it a bizarre and awkward e-mail at all!

    It’s a good thing there wasn’t a secret camera at my house to capture my astonished grin/squeal of delight/jumping up and down/general spaz-out reaction.

    Baby, that was my Oscars moment right there. Halle Berry was nothin’ compared to my reaction.

    (I’ve got to be honest, I haven’t been this excited for a long time. There’s a prediction of little sleep in the bran flake bits at the bottom of my breakfast bowl…. Bran flake bits are like tea leaves, dontcha know.)

  2. Welcome Dionne! I love perfume stories so can’t wait to read your posts here. Exciting times!

    Now just how bizarre and awkward was that email? I’ve sent dee a few of those 🙂

    1. Tara, I’ve got lots and lots of stories. It’s a challenge for me to keep my posts succinct; I am waaay wordier than Dee.

      Dee’s e-mail was along the lines of “I like what you have to say. Would you consider joining Anne-Marie and I at BoTO.” See, not awkward at all.

      On the other hand, my recent message to a complete stranger on the BPAL forums, saying “I’ve got an old bottle of TBS Wood Musk, ya want it?” Now that’s awkward.

    1. Thanks, Mals! That means a lot to me. I got a little gushy about you over at Ari’s place, but hopefully it’s more complimentary than creepy. My nerd-self was peekin’ out.

  3. Very Cool Dee!! I recently noticed Dionne’s comments too and found them interesting (I don’t remember exactly where or what they were- but I noticed!!)- so looking forward to the posts!

    1. Thank you, Lavanya. (I have to sheepishly admit, for a long time when I saw your gravatar, I thought, “Ooooh, pretty, opal on rock.” Imagine my surprise to see the photo full-screen. DOH!)

    1. *bowing* Thank you my dear. (I’ve just finished working my through all the archives. Anne-Marie, you are a very tough act to follow.)

    1. Thank you, Vanessa. Your guest post at NST was incredibly apropos as well as helpful, as it was posted two days after I first got an e-mail from Dee. I hinted there that something was coming (I couldn’t resist, I was so excited), but felt Dee should be the one to make it official.

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