13 thoughts on “My Very First Perfumed Pen-Pals Package

  1. Dionne,

    Today I got a package from a blogo-friend as well, so I understand your joy 🙂

    Are your spray bottles from bestbottles?

    1. Yes M’am they are from Best Bottles! I’ve had really good luck with them: over the course of two large orders (and as many years of use), I think I’ve only had two or three leaky bastards!

      1. It was really exciting to get it in the mail. Especially since for a long time I was on the fringes of the perfume community, reading and sampling but not commenting a lot. This is definitely a sea change for me.

        I need to get some bottles myself, so I can start sending off little packages myself, and I’m trying to decide between Accessories for Fragrances and Best Bottles.

        1. I used AFF twice and was happy with their 3 ml and 5 ml spray vials with a screw on sprayer. But now I’m thinking about placing the next order with BB since their prices are better and they are more flexible with how many bottles in each size/color you can choose.

          1. I’d love to hear how the two compare if you ever place an order with BB. One consideration for me is the cost of shipping to Canada.

            I did notice that BB doesn’t have a lot of selection in funnels and pipettes, and I’m trying to figure if those are needed (I’m a little nervous about making decants, really I should just take a deep breath and jump in.)

          2. You’ll have to make a decision yourself, but, in my opinion, you should go with BB: shipping for one big order (their minimum order is $50) will cost less than for two-three smaller ones.
            Unless you plan to go into the serious decanting (Tom Ford’s huge bottles, Guerlain or Le Labo) you won’t need too many pipettes. For smaller transfers you can use small straws. As to the funnels, I read that many people do not like using them even when they are doing “professional” decanting.

          3. Thanks for the rec, Undina. I have to admit that for the life of me I can’t puzzle out how a small straw would work. I’ll pm you for more info.

  2. Isn’t she a star! Lovely! Some of my faves in there, I see.

    Dee has just introduced me to Rochas Femme. I will never allow myself to be without it now.

    1. **blushing**

      Rochas Femme is really something! I wish that I knew a little more about it… If only I knew an historian type who was good at researching differences between concentrations and reformulations… 😉

      1. I tried Rochas Femme last summer, and enjoyed it. It wasn’t FBW for me, but the cumin didn’t bother me at all and The Engineer really liked it. I found Aziyadé to have a similar feel – turns out it also has cumin – and I really like the extra spices thrown in on top.

        I echo Dee in thinking a post on the different iterations of Femme would be really interesting. 🙂

      2. Hmmm … I was going to, until I saw that Alyssa covers it quite nicely in her book. I don’t chase formulations and concentrations as much as I used to, but I was tempted into purchasing Habanita of (I hope) an earlier vintage. Not that I dislike the current one, but curiosity got the better of me. The thing about both Femme and Habanita is that vintage still seems to be relatively easy to come by. Mitsouko now…

        1. I’m very interested in reading Alyssa’s book. If it doesn’t show up in our library system this summer, I think I’ll break down and buy it.


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