My “review” of Alyssa’s book for BookPeople!


Top Shelf in July: Coming to My Sensesby Alyssa Harad
Reviewed by: Danielle (Bookseller & Perfume Connoisseur)

I’ve always had an unusually interactive relationship with my sense of smell. Sure, we all use our noses; but since I was a little girl, I was famous among my friends and family for my eager desire to smell anything: the beautiful, the weird, and even the straight-up nasty. My reasoning has always been that “you can learn a lot about something by how it smells!”

My uncanny ability to track and identify scents is legendary to those who know me; I once, after sniffing my ex-husband during a walk, informed him, to his laughing amusement, “you’ve worn that tee-shirt three times without washing it.”

It might seem strange, given my long obsession with all things smelly, that it’s only been in the past three years or so that I became…

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