Who is Josh Meyer?


During my name change process, I posted, in a Facebook status update, a picture of my temporary ID, showing the inter-webs my newly acquired last name. The lovely miss Daisy, as the perfume community knows her, discreetly noted that my mailing address was visible… and yeah. Oops. I promptly pulled the image from my feed, edited in Photoshop… then re-posted.

Just a few minutes after posting the freshly edited image, I found a comment on the post: “Too late, I’ve already shipped you a set of perfume samples

From Josh Meyer.

Who the heck is Josh Meyer? I know that I have a few Facebook friends (five-hundred? It’s all perfume friends, I swear!), but most names are familiar, even if the faces are not: we’ve all got common monikers across the community, we swap and share often– enough that we know each other’s civilian names, too. This was a name I didn’t recognize, and the tiny pic beside the name wasn’t familiar, either. But, it looked like a dude playing with ChemEx stuff (fun times!), and clicked on the link to his profile.

Josh Meyer is “Perfumer at Imaginary Authors” and lives in Portland, Oregon.

This tells me one of two things: he’s A), a joker who hopes that his cute comment will get me to do… exactly as I did, which was to check him and his work out… maybe I’d place an order because I’m wowed by how cool the brand looks, be a part of discovering the Hot New Nose. Which is so not me. 

Or B), this guy is sending his precious nectars my way, with the thought that this small-time blogger who’s been out of commission for months, might, just might, be inspired by his work.  As Micallef, Lutens, Parfums MDCI, and even Puredistance languish on my desk,  Imaginary Authors beckons back my muse…

Or none of the above, and maybe Josh Meyer is just a nice guy who saw I had a blog, and hoped I might make a plug for him, since we share the Portland connection.

Well played, Josh Meyer, well played.

There’s a moment where I decide: do I do reconnoissance work, and see what the rest of the fragrant world has begun to say, or do I wait? I wait. Josh Meyer and Imaginary Authors are on my blacklist until enough time has passed to see if he really did send something. Perfume-lovers, I’ll be checking in with you… hopefully sooner than later.



I’m weak-willed. Should I ever have children, help me to keep this a secret.

I can’t help but take a peek. Just a small peek. No reviews, no blog posts, or MUA reviews. Nope. Just the Imaginary Authors Facebook page. Just that one little thing. A sneak peak.

The imagery is bizarre, yet enticing, and the perfume names I glean from the photo in the header sound promising… The Cobra and the Canary. So… it sings sweetly, but has a vicious bite? Yeah, I want to smell what inspired that name (which I hope is how they approached the project, rather than the oft familiar other way around. Let’s talk about reverse engineering perfume brands another time).

It’s Christmas Day, my first Christmas in the history of my universe spent alone. I feel guilty at my contentment. And as I sit here musing, getting caught up on perfume blogs and what’s happening in the fragrant world, I realize that waiting for someone else to reignite my– inspiration– was a mistake. It’s been months and months since I wrote regularly, distracted by the dramatic realities of my life. I spent my energies in real-time with people in my zip code, rather than in my head: the place where all my writing starts.

I was waiting for something external, for something to jostle me back into my happy creative place. But that’s not fair. Plutarch said, “what we achieve inwardly will change outer reality.” Before a perfume could change my mind and restart my imagination, I needed to change my own mind, let my imagination take flight. And then I remembered how to make it happen. By dreaming, remembering, allowing the passion and creativity of my fellow perfume lovers to remind me what it is, and why we do, what we do.

I don’t have anything to say (yet) about the perfumes of Josh Meyer, but something clicked: this new phase of my journey isn’t the same as the last, but I’m ready to set out and explore.


22 thoughts on “Who is Josh Meyer?

  1. Hi Dee, I actually know of Josh Meyer from Badgerandblade.com. It’s basically the Basenotes of wetshaving. He is indeed a perfumer and his fragrances have been well-received by many people I know. He mailed me some samples from his line, so my thought is he is not kidding that his samples are on the way. I look forward to your impressions of them.

    1. James, I meant no disrespect! The reason that I wrote what I did was that Josh Meyer ended up inspiring me to write, even without perfume samples under my nose 🙂

      I got the feeling that they were being well-received (I’ve retained my ignorance for the benefit of smelling them without having a pre-conceived idea of what that experience might entail), and I’m glad. Perfumers who are artisans (like Laurie Erickson, Mandy Aftel, Doc Elly) hold my hope for the industry! ❤

  2. Oh, I didn’t take your post as disrespectful. Sorry it sounded that way. The pitfalls of online communication. 🙂 I almost mentioned my favorites in the line. I’m glad I didn’t so you can try them and make your own opinions.

    1. Haha, thank you James. Don’t tell me anything!!! I’ve worked hard to know nothing (it’s an active process, I swear), and really, really, am looking forward to discovering the line 🙂

      Our little community has lived through some ugly misunderstandings, and I want to make sure the spirit behind my posts are clear–so thank you for creating the opportunity for me! 😉

      1. Right, I understand wanting to try a new line with no biases- and also how much work that can be! I really do look forward to your thoughts.

        I always enjoy your posts. I’m somewhat afraid of reviewing any fragrances because I know so many writers (like you) who do it so well.

        1. James, I tell you what I tell the BOTO team (who I think are TOPS): follow where the inspiration leads; don’t be afraid of reviewing anything! Your take is your own, and when you write from the heart, nothing else matters.

          I say, write!!!!


          1. Thanks for the advice, Dee. I like all my blog entries so far and I have a few posts in the draft stage (including a review of Guerlain Vetiver).

            I love to write and want to keep doing it. As another commenter said before me, I’m glad you are inspired to write again. I love this blog 🙂

  3. So glad to read a new essay, Dee!

    I too won’t tell you of my preferences in the Imaginary Authors line, but Josh Meyer has been wonderful and genuine in my correspondence with him when I placed my order.

    I hope you enjoy the samples, but even if they’re not your cuppa, I will be happy to read your opinion. I always look forward to your reviews, Dee.

    Happy New Year!

    1. Thank you so much Taffy!

      Josh has a great reputation, that much I can’t help but know, despite my willful ignorance 😉

      I hope so too, Taffy. It’s thrilling to discover a new line, and even if it’s not my cuppa, I do appreciate quality artisanal work, which it sounds like he is doing! 🙂

    1. Undina!!! I miss you too 🙂 It’s going to be different this time around, I think, as far as what/when/how I’ll write, but I feel ready again, and that’s something ❤


  4. I’ve been so curious about this line – read a few things online but not a lot yet. Will be curious to hear your take.

    On another note, it’s so hard to prioritize writing and creativity when you have so much else going on. My husband and I ended our music blog in the fall with the idea that it would give me more time to think creatively about fragrance writing. That hasn’t really panned out like I hoped. It’s hard!

    Sorry to hear you spent Christmas alone – I did that for the first time a few years ago and it’s no fun. Or at least, it was no fun for me at the time.

    Let’s resolve to have a perfume hangout in the new year! 🙂

    1. Isn’t it fun when there’s a buzz in the air? I miss the electric thrill of discovering something new, that’s really buzz-worthy 🙂

      It’s true–I didn’t realize how true, but when I finally admitted as much to my self, I feel like I had finally taken a step in the right direction! Hahaha, yeah, it is hard; I’m glad your husband is so supportive! He seems like a great guy.

      Sniff hangout for sure! Or, dinner party at my place, with sniffs on the side 🙂

  5. I know we’re not supposed to be influenced by anything but the juice, but this line has two things going for it that could easily skew my opinion to the positive: 1) I have a definite soft spot for the little guys 2) one of the coolest concepts I’ve run across in a while. The bookworm in me just has to smile!


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