Imaginary Authors, Day 1: L’Orchidee Terrible


I can’t lie; despite my efforts to remain ignorant of  Imaginary Authors, I have been rubbed on all sides by praise: the perfumer, the customer service (also the perfumer), and the concept behind the line have all been given a universal “Thumbs-up” in Perfume-Land.

So it was with sincere thrill I opened up my package, delivered earlier today, from the indie house.

The nostalgic imagery used in the unusual marketing materials (bookmarks! for real books!) brings a lopsided grin to my face: I can’t wait to smell these. But where to start? The pink one, of course. “Spray Here,” instructs the text at the bottom of the bookmark titled “L’Orchidee Terrible.” Spray there, oh yes I will. 

This is not at all what I was expecting. This is not my mother’s muguet. The aldehydes perform in a way that I’ve always known they were capable of, but never quite experienced; it’s as if the perfume brief read “Make an AldeHo* out of Danielle**.” I was expecting it to be a sweet, ultra-feminine floral… the perfume I’d test first to get out of the way, slowly working my way up to the ones who, by their notes-list, I expect to like. Surprise! I like the first one.



Experiencing L’OT with a fresh nose today, and still surprised and delighted with it. I have no idea how it was done: the gauzy, transparent lift, the subtle yet persistent projection, I actually just scratched the side of my head as I sat here thinking about how to describe what I’m experiencing. If Jour Ensoleille were fizzy, these two would be sisters.

I need to experience the rest of the cannon, I think, before I say more…

*Mals, have you tried this yet? I’d be curious to hear your thoughts!
**The aldehydes in Sonoma Scent Studio Champagne de Bois (a small amount, I know) also hit me in this same way, however, here they are much more prominent.

12 thoughts on “Imaginary Authors, Day 1: L’Orchidee Terrible

  1. Sounds like this perfume was such a pleasant surprise and a really good sign for the rest of the line.

    Like James, I love the whole presentation.

    1. Tara, it was unexpected, to say the least! Usually I can pick out the fragrance from a line that I’ll like the least, based on the notes, but I was clearly out of my depth here… It’s nice to be surprised 🙂

    1. I wonder what you’ll think of this one! I know you love aldehydes, and I usually don’t; it will be interesting to see how you experience it (let’s get coffee soon, and I’ll bring them all!).

  2. I’m so glad to read something positive about these. I initially really liked the presentation, but then I read some weird things about the line and I was put off. You have renewed my hope. 🙂

    1. I’m curious now about what weird things you have read! It’s my inner Cat 🙂

      I felt, initially, like I put too much pressure on the house–how could any line live up to my challenge: “Reignite my passion for perfume writing!” Well… I’ve been in them elbow deep for over a week now, and they are pretty damned exceptional. Imaginary Authors certainly lit the fuse!

      Honestly Natalie, these are worth a sniff 🙂

  3. I’m like you, Danielle, this would’ve been the fragrance out of the whole line that interested me in the least. But a sparklier Jour Ensolleilé? I’m sold. 🙂

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