Imaginary Authors, Day 2: The Cobra and The Canary

This is the one (in name, at least) that captured my imagination and ignited my curiosity about Imaginary Authors, having previewed the the brand’s Facebook page. After experiencing L’Orchidee Terrible, my expectations were high.

Like L’OT, The Cobra and the Canary defies expectations: who are you Josh Meyer, and how are you doing this? I was intent on being skeptical, and my intentions have become dust…

The dusty leather opening in TC&TC reminds me a little of Antaeus, but instead of the bone-dry Chanel offering, here some sweet summer hay peeks through after that first exhalation of scent, a nod to the dandy inside this gentleman.

It’s distinctly masculine, and in the way I love best: heady, and unapologetic. Tabac Aurea shares this quality (my own Marlboro Man), however TC&TC does not share the sweet musk I so adore in TA. Having spent many days wearing the fragrance, I can assure you: there’s room on my shelf for both.

My samples were generously provided by the perfumer.

6 thoughts on “Imaginary Authors, Day 2: The Cobra and The Canary

  1. Ha! Can you smell the asphalt?! Actually, I saw that this one has lemon as a top note. Lemon and leather sounds an intriguing combination.

    1. AM, it’s a really nice fragrance, although I’m not sure if I detect “asphalt” as a note: when I think of asphalt, I always think of Bulgari Black, with it’s hot tarmack… and TC&TC doesn’t share that. However, the hot dusty leather could maybe be described as having an asphalt quality… it’s good stuff. I wore it a lot over the past couple weeks, and can see myself wearing it even more as it warms up during Spring!


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