hey, here I am!

It’s been a while.

I got my muse back, and in one of my last posts (was it my last post?) I said that I knew it would be different this time around. At the time, I didn’t know what I meant when I said that (you don’t know what you don’t know, my friend Saundra always says), but now I do.  I knew that  a shift had happened, and that it was powerfully good for me, and I thought it would happen here, on BoTO.

Perfume remains, for me, an exquisite pleasure–an essential part of my daily life, a thing that will always be with me. Knowing that when I pick up a bottle (or decant, or sample), a story will unfold under my nose. Whether it was a story by Robyn, or Angela, a story from Birgit, Victoria, or Sheila (I remember the image from the first post I read–it was a woman in a tuxedo!), those stories come back to me when the spell of the fragrance is released in the air. Yes, spell. What perfumers wrought in oil and alcohol, these, and others, wrought in words. A spell on paper requires magic to bring it to life, and I think we did it together for a while.

There are hundreds of decants and samples in my cabinet. From Birgit, Tara, and Daisy, Suzanne, Carrie Meredith, Undina, Denise Hamilton (Fracas! I tried SO hard!), Victoria, and Anne-Marie (my rock–thank you Anne-Marie). These and many more of you touched my life, and you come back to me even when I’m just picking up the bottles and examining their labels. Provenance.

The perfume community gave me Provenance. Perfumistas, and the perfume community, gave me the place to exist and grow and evolve, surrounded by true generosity and shared passionate enthusiasm. I feel like I grew up, in the few short years since BoTO started (which for me, marked my effort to become a member of the perfume community). The community grew to accommodate me, and I’m so grateful for that. To have shared my voice with some of the best people on the earth. Perfumistas take the time to stop and smell the roses. They take the time to live in the magic of life.

Thank you.

I hope that some of you will join me as I follow my muse into the next adventure: Energy & Matter. There I’m sharing what I’m doing, including The Modern Witch project– the thing that’s become my consuming occupation and passion…

Anne-Marie will be signing off as well (you’ll have a letter from her here soon), but BoTO will continue on–Adam will continue to share his snapshots of life through the lens of whatever fragrance I’ve delivered to him (he’s a saint), and his style will open doors for a whole new audience of fragrance lovers–manly dads who play softball and write screenplays that their kids will want to watch; and Dionne, well, Dionne weaves magic in everything she does (try to stop her!).

Oh, and one last thing: I’ll be flying out to Oregon in April, to take Josh Meyer up on his offer to create a custom fragrance for James Franco. That will be a Vlog post, which will appear here, on Energy & Matter, and Facebook, and Twitter, and YouTube, and… well, we’ll be seeing you then.

It’s been the ride of a lifetime. Thank you for reading, for responding to my comments on your blogs, for sharing one of life’s truly great pleasures with me–perfume.

34 thoughts on “hey, here I am!

  1. What an eloquent summation of what the perfume community means to us all – “provenance” is the perfect term to sum up how we are anchored in it, supported by friends. Good luck with the new blog venture – you will of course run into me on FB monitoring your hostess snacks and hyperbolic salads… : – )

    1. Vanessa, we are going to know each other a long time, and someday, on one fine sunny day, I will make you the perfect salad 😉


  2. Dee,
    I’m so happy to get to know you through perfume. And yes, provenance is the perfect term. I’m continually amazed by the generosity and support of this community.
    I know you’ve made some huge changes in your life and I’m so happy for you. I can tell you are in a wonderful “place” and filled with joy. I wish you the very best and of course, I’ll be reading Energy & Matter.

    1. Thank you so much Victoria! It seems like no matter how hard I try and quantify just how much the perfume community means to me, I come up short: I guess that’s what love it 🙂

      thank you.

  3. Dear Dee,

    Thank you for everything. Your blog was one of a few where I dared to comment back when I was just starting my journey in the Blogosphere. You were the one who introduced me to the Bronze Goddess that I love dearly. And every time I wear Amouage Memoir I think of the Queen of the World.

    Good luck with all your projects and I’ll see you around.

  4. Dear Dee, thank you for sharing your perfume adventures with us, now we’ll ust have to follow you on your other adventures. 🙂
    Have fun!
    And keep on smelling great. 🙂

  5. Dee, congratulations on your newest endeavor!! I enjoyed spending the last half-hour exploring your new blog and seeing you talking, cooking and dancing (yes, I love me a dancin’ girl!) on YouTube. Will keep following you – best of luck and love and everything. 🙂

    1. Suzanne! Thank you so much! I am wearing one of your fragrances right now, and I can’t tell you what a pleasure it is to think of you, and to smell a thing that reminds me of you at the same time… such a delight (Chypre Palatin).

      The next adventure… squee! Fills me with delight. Thank you for following along.

      hugs! more hugs!

  6. Aah dee, what a wonderfully poetic farewell, but of course, coming from you it would be. I’ve enjoyed your writing on perfume so much and it’s only natural that you would expand on that and fly the nest. It feels like you are only just beginning to stratch the surface of your potential.

    I will watch the Josh Meyer adventure (and others) with interest.

    Spread the magic! x

    1. Tara, it’s been such a pleasure. Thank you for being such a loving friend, and for being a wonderful fragrant fairy godmother!

      (this isn't the last you'll hear from me!)

  7. dee, like you, I have wondered at the talents, kindness, and generous spirits that I have encountered in the fragrance community. This blog has been one that I have always enjoyed reading. And I have already enjoyed Energy & Matter and will continue to follow you there. Wishing you all the best.

  8. Aw, sad you’re going but I followed your new account on Twitter and look forward to what you’ll do next. I’m gonna make an Accessories for Fragrance order soon so I can get you that YSL Cinema. And then we actually finally gotta hang out in ATX sometime. 🙂 🙂

    1. hahaha, well, we can hang out whenever you like. I have an endless supply of decanting stuff, lol. Holler at me when it’s good for you! 😉

  9. I don’t know if I want to “like” this post, but I’m so happy things are going well for you. A quick click over to your other blog reveals a wealth of creative happenings, so that must be good! All the best to you, Dee. Thanks for the wonderful posts here on BOTO.

    1. hahaha, oh, thank you Natalie–I really just laughed out loud, and it felt good ❤
      Well, I'm not saying goodbye to perfume, or the community; but I didn't want to *not* say anything, since so much of my energy is flowing elsewhere. BoTO has meant the world to me–it's the place where I learned what community really means, and even if I don't write another perfume review, I hope that the perfume community will allow me to remain as an honorary member!

      Thank you. Thank you for Another Perfume Blog–for beginning what truly is an awesome blog during a time when there were some people making noise about there being "too much." You did it, you did it well, and you did it with grace. And you keep doing it. 🙂

      1. Thank you so much, Dee. That means a lot to me. And, for me, you will always be a huge part of the community. I can’t speak for everyone (we never really feel integral, do we?) but I feel your voice made a big impression. I’m excited to see what you do next. Hugs!

  10. I can’t help feeling a little sad that you aren’t going to be posting here any more. (even though it is a sign of different kind of happiness for you)..I *have* been enjoying your pursuit of james franco, blue bike and other small pleasures on your other blog, so I am not complaining..:)
    lots of love dearest dee

    1. hahah, oh thank you Lavanya! I’m so glad that you’re enjoying the new adventure! I can’t tell you how much your words warm my heart. Really and truly; someday I am going to share a bottle of pinot with you. ❤

  11. I haven’t been reading your blog for long, but I wanted to thank you for sharing your adventures with us me. Good luck on your future projects and here’s a glass raised to you. To new adventures!

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