Scent James Franco…

I don’t think of James Franco as the sort of man who wears fragrance (despite the wikipedia entry informing me that he stole and resold frags in highschool); I’m happy to be proven wrong, so speak up if you know! It’s not that I can’t imagine him caring about such things, it’s just that I suspect that nothing has passed under his radar that was The One to Rule them all–or, at least, the one to tease his imagination into believing that One Fragrance to Rule them All (user results may vary) exists, somewhere, out there.

Beneath the pale moon light, L’Heure Bleue, is an almost perfect fragrance. But that’s not what I have in mind for Mr. Franco, no sir.

Sometimes it will happen that someone passes by, and they smell amazing. You ask them, “what are you wearing!?” and most times they’ll reveal the answer, if they know it. Anyone who’s asked frequently enough knows that not everyone knows what they’re wearing–and that’s just fine! Smelling good is more than sufficient. So, the story goes like this: you ask what they’re wearing, they tell you. You go to the store and you try it, or even buy it, for yourself. But it’s not just right. It may end up on a bathroom shelf, or on a vanity, or… wherever fragrances go to await re-homing. But whatever happens, it’s not TOtRtA (No, not a tortilla–The One to Rule them All).

There are some truly great fragrance lines today, small and large: Amouage, Ormonde Jayne, L’Artisan, Sonoma Scent Studio, Parfums D’Empire… Imaginary Authors. However, despite all the great fragrances out there, people mostly still all wear the same stuff. Again, I have no complaint, since “smelling good” is high-five worthy! And because people mostly wear the same stuff, I suspect that James Franco doesn’t have a scent. His scent. The scent people associate with him. Maybe he does, but come along for our imaginary ride anyway, since we’re having fun.

Josh Meyer and I have taken on the Herculean task of creating, for Mr. Franco, a custom fragrance. One that will, I think, will become his One to Rule Them All. And what did we create?

what does it smell like?

It’s a surprise! However, I will make samples to share with five lucky persons. The first people to request it will have the opportunity to Smell Like James Franco.

See the post that preceded this one here; if you are reading this, then I’ve already cooked something, and ridden a horse!

30 thoughts on “Scent James Franco…

  1. Josh let me spray some on the back of my hand yesterday at Renegade Craft Fair! I won’t give anything away. Is that the final mod?

    1. Hey Susan, it was super fun meeting you! Yes, that’s the one… and final! I brought a few down for Danielle so she can get them to JF so he can write up his own thoughts on scent.

  2. Wow. This sounds like an amazing adventure to scent James Franco. Would love to try this, am a huge fan of Josh’s work!

      1. Hey Dee- I realized I’d forgotten to tell you that I’d moved and my address has changed- I hope you haven’t shipped the sample yet?

  3. If we hear back from JF after I send the first bottle, then we’ll raffle off the remaining bottle–stay tuned!!! You may still have an opportunity to smell like James Franco! 🙂

    ❤ ❤ ❤

  4. Even though the five are spoken for, I don’t want to miss a chance to smell like James Franco (or is it smell James Franco?) Either way, if it has Josh Meyer’s name on it, I’m interested!

  5. oh this is fun!! Josh is such a great perfumer! I know you and he will come up with something wonderful and just perfect for the guy who played James Dean.

  6. How much fun is this! I hope you hear back from James Franco. He seems like a complicated guy. I wonder about this fragrance. If there is any chance I could try this, I’d love too…I’ll make my man wear it too!!! I’d love a sample.

  7. Josh and Imaginary Authors have really made a strong introduction since launching last year. Alas I still haven’t tried anything from the line yet. I will certainly have to remedy that.


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