6 thoughts on “Happy 2011, Perfumistas!

    1. Uncle Serge is pretty hit or miss with me, so you’re probably right… maybe it’s the masochist in me (or would I be the sadist?) but there is a thrill to be had in having huge expectations, then being let down.

      **weird confession alert!***

      —maybe that should have come first?


  1. While I like the idea of hot, buttered toast, I’m a bit in the fence about it. On the other hand, Monsieur Lutens is not without a sense of humor, so who knows?

    I suspect we’ll be discussing this in the months to come! That does sound like fun!

    1. On it’s own, it would have appeal about equal to any other new Lutens—I’d hope to try it, sample it when I got around to it, and not make much fuss. But *here’s* the fun part: My husband’s most favorite smell and snack in the multi-verse is Buttered Toast… a playful rendition on that aroma could provided hours, nay, days, of unending fun 😉


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