In the Mail: a week at Howe House

This week was a busy week in the Howe House! After reading Anne-Marie’s post about her long standing relationship with Chanel no 19, and Tarleisio’s post titled, “Ms. Frigidaire,” I decided to purchase a bottle of the EDP. I’ve had the EDT in my collection for some time now, but the idea of a rosier, more leathery version caught my fancy. Mr. Howe is wearing it right now, and he smells great.

Bronze Goddess arrived this week as well, and I’ve been bathing in the stuff as an antidote to the over-worked-I wish it were summer NOW-blues. I still haven’t drawn the winners for the BG prize draw, so if you want to get in on on 5mL of this divine mood-lifter, you can leave a comment either on the original post, or here. Cho will help me draw the winners today.

But I’ve saved the best for last.

My best-friend in blogging, the lovely Birgitfrom Olfactoria’s Travels, has sent me yet another care package full of beautiful treasures. She knows just what to send, and when to send it, to make me superfluously happy—thank you my dear friend!

12 thoughts on “In the Mail: a week at Howe House

    1. And with Alahine still on the way! I’m going to wear the Frapin as my sleep scent again tonight, and am looking forward to it.

      I should also say that any week with a package from you leaves me squealing with delight for days! 🙂

  1. Oh my lord, that is one beautiful bottle! So simple, and so lovely. I’m very excited for you! I’ll wear No 19 today in your honour.

    Because your new bottle does not say ‘eau de parfum’ on the label, I thought for second that you had gone all the way (so to speak) and bought the extrait. I nearly fell off my chair at the size of it.

    I thought for an instant of the Chanel No 5 mini-film, the one with Audrey Tatou. She is travelling by train from Paris to Istanbul, and sits in her sleeper (cabin? berth?) with an ENORMOUS bottle of No 5 extrait, in a dab-on. It is filmed in a way that makes it practically fill the room. I lthe idea of being able to own the BIGGEST possible bottle of No 5 extrait, but chuckle every time at the impracticality of travelling with it. Oh, the horrors if it leaked!

    1. Can you imagine a 50mL parfum? Geez! That’s just insane! 🙂

      The bottle really is beautiful, and if I’m perfectly honest about it, the nudge that pushed me over the edge into actually buying the bottle (rather than a decant, like my no 19 EDT), was the bottle itself. And I’m always claiming that the bottle doesn’t matter! It won’t be the first time in my life I’ve had to eat my words 😉

      Mr. Howe and I both are wearing it, and it is so gods darn beautiful—I see myself wearing it often this spring!

      I haven’t seen the Audrey Tatou mini-film, but I’m going to go look for it—and thank you for wearing 19 in my honor! I bought mine in your honor! LOL, like we need any encouragement, right?


      1. Ha! Yes indeed! I too often say it is not about the bottle, but there are just some times when the perfume is not enough. My bottle of the EDP is a refill for one of those refillable outer bottles (the refills are, or were, cheaper) and it is UGLY. Spoils the experience.

        Glad your are loving the 19.

        The Tatou film is everywhere on YouTube.

  2. What a lovely week in the Howe household! I can imagine No 19 smelling fabulous on a guy.

    I’m eagerly awaiting my sample of the new Frapin from First in Fragrance and would be interested to hear what you think of it. Birgit is not only generous and lovely but also so good at creating lemmings!

    1. Tara, that Frapin is literally intoxicating. I’ve worn it the last two evenings, and it’s creating the most incredible sense of deja vu; it is somewhat familiar, in that it reminds ms of a combination of a couple of my (favorite) Duchaufour creations, yet it is far from redundant. This is the first perfume in a while which has made me want to write a proper review. I can’t wait to hear your thoughts on it!

  3. All sorts of good stuff in your mail this week! I love that your husband is wearing no.19. No wonder you love him!

    I’m quite pleased to see all these lovely perfumes make it though the post safe and sound, especially considering the distance between you and Birgit!

    BTW annemariec – your post on No.19 is amazing!!

  4. I want a bottle of N19. I do not *need* a whole bottle but I want it. Why can’t they make 15 ml version of all nice perfumes?!!


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