JHAG: Purse Bullet VS. EDP (Citizen Queen)

Citizen Queen won two side-by-side comparison battles in a row: First, battling the sensual, velvet skinned, bad-girl Calamity J, then, duking it out with Her Rosy Highness Lady Vengeance. After coming out on top after the intensive three-day trials, it was with no small measure of delight I opened up the CQ Purse Bullet this morning.

No idea what I’m babbling about? Visit “Accidental Queen” for all the details of my stimulating Juliette Has a Gun gift-receiving expereince.

After gliding the perfume oil up and down my fore-arm, I expereinced a moment of absolute receivers bliss (that’s the opposite of buyer’s remorse), followed by a happy moment of surprise: The perfume oil smells better than the EDP.

The EDP has a harsh blast of aldehydes at the beginning that doesn’t make an appearence in the oil version; additionally, the troublesome violet is subdued, and the musk has gone from Lioness to Manx. I find the oil creamier, smoother, and gentler overall than her alcohol-soaked twin.

Twins are a good analogy for the difference between the concentrated oil and the Eau de Parfum of Citizen Queen. One Queen is elegant, beautiful, commanding, and respectable. The other Queen is elegant, beautiful, commanding, and… a little tipsy.

Photo of The Watson Twins, 2008

5 thoughts on “JHAG: Purse Bullet VS. EDP (Citizen Queen)

  1. “receiver´s bliss” what a perfect phrase, I love it!
    I found several examples already where an oil version smells better than the alcoholic one (Malle´s Musc Ravageur comes to mind). Your analogy with the tipsy twin is lovely 🙂

    1. Hopefully more “receiver’s bliss” is on the way this holiday season… 😉

      I think that I remember Katie Puckrick saying the same thing about Musc Ravageur (another one I need to try!); I really like perfume oils, and wish that more houses did them! Are they more volatile, I wonder, that so few use them?

      1. I think they are less volatile, actually, which is why they are smoother and less harsh in most cases. Maybe they are produced less, because they sell less, since people are used to spraying their scents, as opposed to dabbing.
        Okay, I’m done lecturing now 😉

        1. LOL, lecture at will! I love lectures, especially in the sciences! You know what I *love*? Dry spray oils. Have you ever used one as a moisturizer? That would be a fabulous format for a perfume, IMO.


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