TokyoMilk/Dark, Bittersweet #83

How I have not reviewed this delectable indulgence? From it’s nearly overwhelming sweet, chocolately Cacao opening, Bittersweet is one of those perfumes that just dares you: “Go ahead, try not to smell yourself.” Embarrassing in public? Yes.
When the sweetness fades, what’s left is a beautiful skin-scent. It reminds me of hot, glisteningly sun-kissed skin after a day at the beach (or lake, or river). It’s a perfume that speaks of bikini’s and running around shouting and laughing.
A nice pick-me-up for the gloomier days of winter.

10 thoughts on “TokyoMilk/Dark, Bittersweet #83

    1. It’s a sticker! I have those custom address labels, with that picture on them, so I just cut one out and stuck it on 😉

      But how cool would that be if you could have custom images on your bottles? I’d do a bunch!

      1. Before you’ve answered I even went to their website to see if it was an option! 🙂

        I think it would have been cool if you could customize your bottle as this. There are customizable wine labels – somebody should do perfume labels as well! (Le Labo kind of does them but only with the name, no images).

    1. I really liked that oiliness in the warmer weather, but I agree that it’s even better in cooler weather! It’s a very cozy scent, I can’t get enough of it :)!

  1. I’ve just sprayed this dee and it’s fantastic! I really love chocolate notes in perfume and wish they were more common. I’m definitely going to be suffering from repetitive sniffing disorder 🙂 Looking forward to the beachy dry-down.

    1. “Repetitive sniffing disorder” LOL!

      I love reading a review, then sampling the fragrance– it’s a lot of fun 🙂 Those top-notes are really something, aren’t they? I think that the dry-down is even better, and I hope you’ll share your thoughts when you get there…

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