SOTD: Tokyo Milk, Bittersweet (and some musings on the “big move”)

More “Favorite Things” posts coming your way soon; in the meantime…

Texas feels much the same as Oregon, since I rarely leave my house— however, it’s really nice to be able to indulge a whim and smell something on the same day I hear about it. There’s a major mall less than four miles away, several boutiques carrying smaller niche lines within three miles, and even a Neiman Marcus, though that’s a whopping 15 miles from home. It used to be a major event to go perfume-sniffing, and, let me tell you, that did not make it more special. If anything, I ended up making purchases just to make a trip worthwhile. I feel better positioned from my cave in Austin to approach the fragrant world, which leads to: My first fragrant purchase as a Texan? Tokyo Milk Bittersweet. Read the review that revved-up my inner lemming: here.

After MUCH banging around while my husband was trying to sleep, I have at last uncovered the super-secret location of my camera cord. I hope that you will enjoy a few freshly uploaded photographic mementoes of our adventure!


14 thoughts on “SOTD: Tokyo Milk, Bittersweet (and some musings on the “big move”)

    1. Yes! I was wonderful to read a review, then drive over to a boutique to spray it on my skin, all in one day! That’s a nice change 🙂

      Cho was such a great traveller: she just chilled in the car all day, then ran around hotel rooms all night. She thought that Arches was SO cool!

  1. Fun! I love moving, and it’s even more fun when it’s accomplished via a road-trip-esque drive. Welcome to your new home!

  2. Great pictures (Cho is adorable! I loved the picture of her on the leash). I’m glad your perfume access has improved. I think it’s a good sign: everything else shall follow the same trend!
    I think it’s funny that Meg’s three diamond rated review inspired you not only to try the perfume but to buy it without any probation period on your “want list”. You have to tell us more about how it feels on you.

    1. LOL, well, she may have only given it three stars, and while I got the impression (as probably did everyone who read the review) that she did not much care for it—what she described sounded divine to me! So, the hubby and I drove down to the local boutique carrying the line… sprayed it on skin and left. I was totally hooked within an hour, went online and snagged a bottle on eBay for $22, shipped. It didn’t go into probation, since it was less than the cost of dinner out 🙂

      It’s really something: the cocoa top notes are very sweet, and very chocolaty, but within a short while, it smells of sun-baked skin—it reminds me of how my husband’s neck smells at the end of the day. It’s pretty clean, but it’s definitely hot, oily, human skin. If that sort of thing appeals to you, then Bittersweet is a must-try! (For a less graphic comparison, I’d say, Bronze Goddess meets Montale’s Chocolate Greedy.)

      1. Oh, and Cho was such a great traveling kitty! She really was calm, and intrigued by the changes in scenery—I love that picture too, because it paints the picture from her perspective—because, of course, we moved her to Austin, and just went along for the ride. 😉

  3. I’ve enjoyed seeing the photos from your road trip – I don’t care if I’ll never get to go to New York, but I do sincerely hope that I’ll one day get to see some of the sights that you and your husband photographed on the way – the landscapea are simply stunning!

    I hope you’ll be happy in Texas and feel at home there – moving is stressful – as a cave dweller I know this 🙂

    1. Marie, I am glad you enjoyed them!

      I’ve driven across the US on multiple occasions, and done many more road trips over smaller distances, and yet I continue to be astounded at how beautiful, and diverse, this country is. There were so many moments on this trip where I tried to imprint what I was seeing in my memory—hopefully remembering will be made easier since I have a scent to associate with the trip!

      The move was much more stressful before we left Oregon, with the prepping and planning, and the anticipation—I’ve been much more relaxed (comparatively) since getting to Austin! I like it so far, and I think that my newborn affection for southern Texas will only grow 😉

  4. I am so impressed at Cho’s good behaviour in transit. On the short run to the vet’s, there is usually an unpleasant incident with my cat, never mind on a huge long road trip such as you undertook to get to Texas!

    1. I was impressed too! She’s got a very “chill” personality, and has been walking outside on a leash for several years, but never done anything anywhere near this length or scope. She was so good! It could have been a real nightmare—we were very lucky!


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