Parfums MDCI, Chypre Palatin

… does, for me, the same thing that the Roja Dove creation that so wowed me last year did: demonstrated the effect that the original classic fragrances must have had on the people who smelled them first. This is perfume, capital “P,” make no mistake about it. It’s a chypre, and she’s got cheek-bones like a wolf.

Notes are irrelevant. Chypre Palatin is out of this world.

Thank you Suzanne for sharing your stash with me, and thank you Birgit, who’s Favorite Things list reminded me about it!


18 thoughts on “Parfums MDCI, Chypre Palatin

  1. Roja Dove absolutely does produce perfumes with a capital P! I’ve read so many good things about this one that I really to try it next time I make a trip to Harrods.

    1. I think this one was a BD creation, and it was Dove’s Unspoken, which so wowed me… Luckily this one is much more affordable! 😉

  2. Palatin Cyphre is absolutely stunning! I think it’s the one review I’ve done that I started over with the largest amount of times as I just kept on finding new and new notes to rave about… 🙂

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