Juliette Has a Gun, Calamity J

A faint whiff of “Roll in the Hay” (cumin), followed by powdered iris, smooth leather, and… wait for it:
Almonds dusted with caster’s sugar.
Mmmmmm. Calamity J is The Perfect Subtle Skin Scent. It’s what I desperately wanted Hermès Eau Claire des Merveilles to be (but was not). It has the transparent, uplifting beauty of a Chanel, but with just enough velvety animalic growl—okay, purr—to truly entice me.

Yes, I’m annoyed about the new “Not a Perfume,” since it’s an insult to the art of perfumery (being a dilution of a single cheap, synthetic material—which has already been done before), but by golly, I sure like the rest of the line. So much for boycotting.

And by the way, who doesn’t want to look at Lou Doillon?

My complaint, however, is that it’s not tenacious. On the other hand, it would be perfect for… amorous pursuits.

Official declaration of notes: Patchouli, Iris, Amber, Musk, Vanilla Infusion. Available at Luckyscent (and elsewhere), 50mL for $105 or 100mL for $135

Since I wrote the first draft of this post, the Calamity J purse bullet has become available: Beautyhabit, 4x4mL for $75

Oh gods. I don’t stand a chance.

4 thoughts on “Juliette Has a Gun, Calamity J

  1. I like this one. I get enough “tenaciousness” when I spray on about 5 sprays. But, really I think the point is that it is supposed to be a skin scent 🙂
    I’ve yet to try Not A Perfume. I’m not into dada perfumes. If I want a single note, I’ll wear an essential oil. And that costs like $10.

    1. Yes, you’ve got me there! 😉 I’ve since learned that if I make sure to spray a little on my clothing, as well as my skin, I’m happier with the results.

      Also, did you notice a Shalimar-esque element in the dry-down? I don’t find it on skin, but the sleeve of my shirt today threw me for a loop—It’s been a few days (and a few showers and a few clean shirts) since I last wore Shalimar, but I thought for sure my shirt smelled of it! Which is, of course, a positive thing 🙂


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