The Last Un-Sniffed: Yoji Homme

As in, The Final Un-Sniffed purchase* (ok, yes, and also the most recent in a series of un-sniffed buys), Yoji Homme by Yōji Yamamoto is a real treat. As a teen, I wore men’s fragrance exclusively (the title I won’t share—saving that for a “can you believe my bad taste?” post), and I have retained a fondness for masculine leaning fragrances…

Gaia, the non-blonde, wrote a great review that inspired this purchase—read it here—and I don’t have much to add. I don’t find YH to be overtly gourmand, and the anise note is quite subtle to my nose. To me it smells like a beautifully blended cedar wood masterpiece. Yohji Homme smells like the testosterone-ridden, leather-jacket clad, older brother of Parfumerie Generale’s Bois Blonde.

I think that if I had sampled YH first, I’d have hunted down a larger bottle— but realistically, 15mL is sufficient to keep me happy for many months to come.

Also, on a layering note, Yohji Homme smells great with Havana Vanille 🙂

Notes, via Fragrantica: cedar, sandalwood, coriander, lavender, bergamot, anise, cinnamon, leather.
*This is a New Year’s Resolution.

5 thoughts on “The Last Un-Sniffed: Yoji Homme

  1. You had me somewhere at the mention of the testo…leath…oh, never mind. I swear, that Try Or Die list is getting longer by the minute… :O


    1. LOL, yeah… I think this might be right up your alley!

      BTW, did you see Denise Hamilton’s new post at the LA Times on leather frags? I’m going to post a link to it—it’s rad! 🙂

  2. No more unsniffed buys? Girl, you are losing your sense of adventure! No risk, no fun! And you have such a great track record! (just jealous at your resolve)
    I am glad you have another winner 🙂

    1. Well, it’s kind of my one and only New Year’s resolution… and I *intend* to give it my best try…

      We’ll see how that goes! 🙂 I love the adventure, and the thrill of the risk, but at the same time, there are so many things I know that I want to own and put off buying—well, I’m sure that you can relate!

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