More from the Topic Thief: Sweater Smell

We’ve all been there: you pick up a sweater, or a scarf, or put on a bathrobe, and it hits you. Ahhh the beauty of… whatever it is clinging to your sweater/scarf/bathrobe. The collar of my bathrobe currently smells like L’Heure Fougueuse, and since I haven’t showered or picked my scent of the day, it is helping me forget that I look like I just crawled out of an episode of Tales from the Crypt.

Last night, before bed, I was reading Undina’s blog, and… well, I’ll let her do the talking:

…I noticed a wonderful smell coming from my bathrobe’s collar. It wasn’t too strong or persistent, I would catch a whiff of it now and then, but it was so unexpectedly comforting and supporting that I almost cried. With all the testing I had been conducting at the time it took me a while to figure out what perfume it was. Tiare by Ormonde Jayne.

I love it when I unexpectedly encounter the remnants of a beautiful fragrance: the Black Aoud that lasted months on my leather jacket, the Epic that stayed on my duvet cover for weeks, the L’Heure Fougueuse on the collar of my bathrobe… each of these little instances is like receiving a long-delayed love letter.

An unexpected joy.

10 thoughts on “More from the Topic Thief: Sweater Smell

  1. I agree, Black Aoud is a wonderful “ghost scent”. It crept up on me from the collar of a coat that had been hanging in a closet during the whole summer. When I put it on again memories of that particular night I was wearing it came back to me. Mixed emotions from that night… Haunting experience!

    1. It’s one of those perfumes that really grows on you, isn’t it? I loved it, then I hated it, but the smell that lingered—like your coat—in the closet and on the collar was wonderful.

      I hope that they were positive mixed emotions! 😉

  2. Recently I had an even stranger experience: I encountered a wonderful “aftersmell” coming from my freshly washed turtleneck while I was ironing it (yeah, I know, I’m wierd – I like ironing everything). Again, I was in the middle of a heavy-testing stage of my perfume addic (strike that) hobby so I had to go through my perfume diary to narrow down the list of suspects. The investigation showed that it was Ineke’s Field Notes From Paris. I was very impressed by the quality of that perfume (I have no reason to doubt my new washer).

    1. I’ve noted that more than a few fragrances last through a washing (often on my bra’s, for whatever reason!), and isn’t it so much fun when you can identify what it is?!

      There’s currently an “aftersmell” on my new(ish) silk duvet cover that I can’t figure out what it is—it’s so lovely. Warm, kind of nutty—at first I thought it might me Jeux de Peau, but I’m not convinced. Must do further investigation!


      Oh, and thanks for inspiring the topic Undina!!

  3. I keep finding vtg Arpege parfum on the cuffs of my ivory faux-leather jacket. (Which tells you worlds about my fashion choices, does it not?)

    Never mind my fashion choices, Arpege is so *rich* and layered that every time I catch a whiff of it, I feel luxuriously pampered.

    1. ROTFL! To blatantly plagiarize you, I totally snarfled my spit. 😉

      I have this winter sweater-coat thing (it’s a sweater that looks like a coat, and gets washed about as frequently) that smells of Mitzah, Traversee du Bosphore, and a couple Amouages blended in. It smells divine.

      Or like a crazy old lady. You decide.


  4. I love to catch a scent on a scarf, so I deliberately spray my scarfs with perfume. At the moment I delight in my scarf’s smell of Frapin 1697 (am I boring you yet with constant mentions of this fragrance?).
    I have one Hermes scarf, that smells of Puredistance I, very fitting. 🙂

    1. I spray my scarves on purpose too! It seems so appropriate…

      You’re not boring me with constant mentions of the Frapin; am I boring you with my non-stop raving about Memoir??!! 😉

      Puredistance and Hermes go hand in hand—nice choice!


  5. I’m waiting for my shipment of l’huere fouguese. I can’t wait to try it. I’m a true lover of many scents, and I wear them to match a mood, the hour of a day, or, the season of the year. They help me to retrieve wonderful memories of travel. That said, many years ago, my husband and I went to Greece when we were dating. I wore a light silk dress while traveling in Greece and Turkey, and forgot to get it cleaned on my arrival home. It was in the back of my closet for almost a year when I took out the hanger, and there it was- the wonderful scent of Calandre. It brought my memories of luxurious warm days spent on Mykonos and walking in the bazaars in Istanbul. I think scent is the most magical of all the senses……it allows us to dream, inspire, imagine, and relive.


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