Sally Hansen Nailgrowth Miracle: Wholesome Earth

I love this flat brush: one or two swipes, and I’ve got a perfect coat of color

Have I confessed yet that I’m a Walgreens addict? Their weekly flyer has me, in all my list-making glory, furiously writing down new products, researching color choices online, and spending waaay too much money on “Cheap Thrills”.

‘Cause they’re not cheap when you buy five at a time.

Today’s cheap thrill is Sally Hansen Nailgrowth Miracle in Wholesome Earth (360); since several people commented on my manicure recently, I thought you might like to see more.

Wholesome Earth is a deep, rich, earth-toned red, which applies easy due to the unique shape of the applicator brush. It needs two coats, and I wear a base coast and a top coat as well. I can’t speak to its ability to miraculously grow nails, since I keep mine trimmed very short. The polish holds up pretty well to abuse—as well as a very dark shade can, I think—and wearing it I feel more classy than goth, despite how close to black the final shade actually is.

Two coats and I’m ready to go; that was easy!

For around five dollars at your local pharmacy!

16 thoughts on “Sally Hansen Nailgrowth Miracle: Wholesome Earth

  1. Very pretty! I just don’t have the patience to use nail polish regularly, I wish I did, it is so high maintenance though…sigh.
    This color looks beautiful on you and just like Chanel Rouge Noir, great dupe!

    1. I think Tarleisio noted the Chanel connection too! That’s awesome 🙂

      It’s been a long time since I wore nail polish regularly, and just started doing so in the past couple months. My secret pleasure? Picking it off as a stress-release, then re-painting.


  2. I have been using lots of nail polish lately in the attempt to keep me from picking my nails – though I pick off the polish, too! That color is awesome, and I also love those flat brushes.

    1. Picking off the polish is very relaxing, isn’t it?! I usually try not to do it until the end of the day, but it’s not uncommon to spot me at work with four unpainted nails… LOL!

      Aren’t those brushes a miracle? I wish they call came that way 🙂

  3. Me too! My birthday present of Rouge Noir would be gone in nothing flat! 😀

    Like you, I’m just not a talon kinda gal. For one thing, they make it much harder to type…For another, my cats have the monopoly on claws in this household!

    Ah, Walgreen’s. How I miss it! Do they still carry those awesome Jordana eye and lip pencils? There was one shade – called ‘auburn’ – that was my perfect, perfect eyeliner, and it was all of …99 cents! No other brand makes anything close, alas!

    I used to spend ages in Walgreens, sampling stuff and thinking…”yes! Poison green pearl nail polish! What an excellent idea!”


    1. I love Jordana! I just bought a lip gloss from the line, and I love it— it’s great on it’s own, or over a matte lipstick.

      Poison green pearl… I think I might waltz on over to Walgreens after my nap (yep!) and see if they’ve got any in stock 😉

  4. I love… no, LOVE nail polishes. I mean, buying those. When it comes to using them… Well, let’s put it this way: if I need another bottle of Chanel’s Blue Satin or Vamp it’ll be because in N years I will finally decide to use them again and discover that my bottles dried out.

    1. LOL, Undina, I now own two, and feel pretty proud of myself! Currently my nails are back in their ground state: picked clean of every trace of polish. 🙂

      1. Is there a brand you prefer picking off? I heard there are some polishes that do not chip off but instead can be taken off as a film – I wonder if it would be more or less therapeutic.

        1. You know, I have not tried the one that comes off as a film, although I do remember seeing it. The base coat I use (two layers of) actually causes the polish on top to peel off very nicely, so it is both cathartic, and minimally messy at the same time 😉

  5. i am a male who loves to paint my toes, and I have worn Wholesome Earth three times…the last time I took my bottle to my nail salon and had them apply it for me. They thought it was a very pretty color, and they applied a thin white and silver design over the top afterwards…I am very satisfied and proud of the finished look.


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