Jennifer Lopez, Deseo

More mainstream from Marie; today’s selection, Jennifer Lopez’s Deseo. Another Celeb-U-Scent, and one that I approached with optimism. Generally, the impression I get from the blogs and forums, is that of the over-flowing stable of Celeb-scents, those from JLo and Halle Berry are among the best.

Jennifer Lopez has quite a few fragrances out there, and I’m not sure where Deseo falls along the continuum of her fragrant evolution (does she really participate in the creation of the fragrance anyway??), but, who cares? What’s it smell like?

The fact is, Deseo is just too sweet for me. When I tested the Hilary Duff fragrance (With Love…), I applied it at least three times, to get a good feel for it, and, because I enjoyed it. It was sweet, but the balance was somehow just right. Deseo, however, does not work for me. There is a weird, almost aquatic-vibe, that is screechingly “fresh,” and the sweetness grows to monstrous levels within the first half-hour. Fortunately, by the four-hour mark, it had faded to the point that I was able to wear a second, more pleasing perfume for the afternoon.

Under $30, everywhere.

8 thoughts on “Jennifer Lopez, Deseo

  1. I dipped my toe in mainstream waters today and finally tried Sensuous Noir. Although it’s not for me, I was impressed with how distinctive and “niche-like” it was. O de L’Orangerie was pretty but uninteresting. I preferred the d’Azur version because it smells of holidays.

    When i grow up I want skin like Jennifer Lopez.

  2. I am with Tara regarding Jennifer Lopez’s skin, and I’ll add her lips, I want those as well.
    As for Deseo, I am not moved to smell ot any time soon, but everything that does not move me to smell it, is appreciated since it promotes frugality. 😉

  3. Tara and Birgit, I chose that photo because it captures the incredible, effortless beauty of the woman; I think Ms. Lopez is one of the prettiest celebs out there! Wish her perfume had worked for me, I could use a few budget masterpieces in my collection! 🙂

  4. Aquatic and fresh (and clean) define popular perfumes in this age that we live in. Skank is out, Fresh is in.

  5. I own this one (being an ongoing wader in mainstream waters), but have gone off it lately. Too sweet, as you say, and too muzzy coconut, vaguely beachy accord-y. Shame, as I have the most humungous bottle of the stuff, though luckily bought at T K Maxx for about £13! The bottle is attractive though. And good for tenderising steak I should imagine.


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