Uncommon Scents: Eau Naturel

Check out perfume writer Denise Hamilton’s latest article for the LA Times, Eau Naturel… and don’t forget to comment there and show your support!

“For perfumers in ancient times, it was all natural all the time. They plied their trade with plant and flower ingredients, as well as resins and animal essences like ambergris, civet, castoreum and musk…”

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9 thoughts on “Uncommon Scents: Eau Naturel

  1. You are right, we need to promote good articles in the “normal” press whenever we can, maybe things will change eventually.
    Denise Hamilton is a ray of light!
    Thanks, Dee!

  2. It’s a good article, but I had to laugh at the comment that natural plant essences “aren’t chemical cocktails”. What are they if not chemicals? Plant essences are all cocktails of many different molecules (i.e., chemicals), they’re just derived from natural materials rather than factory-made.

    The reason I like to work with naturals is because they ARE cocktails, with a richness of fragrance that can’t be duplicated by aroma chemicals. Natural materials are ready-made accords formulated better by nature than I could ever do.

    1. LOL, that is true Ellen! I’m often befuddled when people talk about naturals as being free from allergens and chemicals… because they are loaded with both! But, as you say, that’s what makes them so wonderful 🙂


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