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  1. OK. I have a question. What is perfume “skank”? I thought musk perfumes were skanky however I know you like skank, dee but recently you told me you have a problem with musk, so is skank more about sweaty cumin or that barnyard note that’s in Dzing! Or is it just some musks? Or all three?! Can anyone put me straight?

    Let the experiment commence!

    1. I think there are a few types of skank people refer to – civet (which would probably be musky things, usually called “animalic”), indoles (jasmine usually), cumin (sweat), and barnyard, which is kinda indolic too. If I see the work skank, I usually assume it’s the civet/musk thing unless otherwise specified. But I am no expert so am interested to see what others have to add.

      1. Julie, I think you’ve pretty much covered all aspects of skank there, thanks! It’s obviously covers a range of funky odors 🙂

    2. For me, “skank” would be anything that brings to mind odors of the body, bedroom, or barnyard (as you suggest)! This can be accomplished a number of ways, but cumin and musk are certainly tried-and-true vehicles for skank!

      My trouble with musks is that they often don’t smell skanky to me—they smell plasticky and stabby. Like opening a toy from a fast-food chain happy-meal. Which is neat for about two seconds 🙂

      1. “Odors of the body” seems to cover it. Not something I can generally appreciate but I love an indolic jasmine. Most musks make me feel headachey which is maybe the stabby sensation you’re getting too.

  2. Ooh I have a question. Are there any Bandit experts out there who can take me step-by-step through the history of its reformulations?

    There seems to have been an iteration of the EDP that is quite out of character with the scary green leathery character of the fragrance overall. I don’t think it is the same as the current version of the EDP. It might have been around for a few years in the 1990s. I got it as a decant from TPC. To me it smells like a gentle, pillowy floral, very nice, but no screech of tyres or rub of leather.

    I’ve read some stuff online about this but am still confused.

  3. Have you read the very detailed review by Elena of Perfumeshrine? It coves the whole history including the tricky matter of certification, specific batches and whatnot. Seems there are indeed a few versions around: the green monster, and the sweet one (which I admit to really loving.. obviously this one is no longer made.. ah well). I can testify that the newest version (the green monster) is eerily similar to the original, of which I smelt a copy at the osmotheque two years ago… good stuff! cheers, Wendy

    1. Thanks Wendy! I had seen Elena’s post and there are a few bits I still don’t quite get. But your comments confirm the essentials. It sounds as if the ‘intermediate’ version is the sweet version; the newest is close to the original. I too like the sweet EDP as long as I think of it as completely different fragrance. Sweet and rich, and yet with a masculine edge to it. I’m glad you like it too! (How lucky you were to get to go to Osmotheque.)

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