Guerlain, Philtre d’Amour

Philtre d’Amour is unusual for a contemporary Guerlain: it smells like it belongs in their earlier catalogue, alongside Shalimar, L’Heure Bleue, Jicky, and Mitsouko, yet is just a little more than a decade old. Considering it alongside the L’Art et la Matière collection, it stands out in stark contrast. When I recently met with a fellow perfumista (Hello Alyssa!), I described Philtre as the smell of “coming home” to Perfume with a capital “P”.

I love the way Philtre bursts into a fizzy tete-a-tete on my skin when it hits it: it tingles the nose like a fresh can of ginger-ale before settling in to the floral heart, and those citrus notes last an astonishingly long time before the second and third act appear; but when they do, it gets even better— the vibe is cool and dry, a little austere, yet easy to wear. It’s a modern chypre, and I think, unusually, it does honor to the chypre tradition.

No small feat.

13 thoughts on “Guerlain, Philtre d’Amour

  1. I’ve just put on a little of my sample in honour of your lovely review and I’m surprised how zesty the opening is – fizzy is right! Looking forward to acts 2 and 3. I love me a modern chypre.

    It’s so true that is very different from the gourmand-y exclusives. I like that it smells like a classic Guerlain. Many thanks for the review, dee.

    1. Ooohh! I’m so glad that you love the opening, isn’t it just lovely? I find this a real stunner, and find myself compulsively spraying it throughout the day when I wear it… I think I’d use up a bottle right quick, if one landed in my closet! 🙂

      Don’t you just love the classic Guerlain’s???


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